The 2024 Queen City Century a Success

The 2024 edition of the Queen City Century, held in Springfield, Missouri, has officially concluded, marking another successful chapter in this prestigious cycling event. Participants embarked on routes encompassing up to 100 miles through the scenic roads surrounding Springfield, challenging themselves against both the demanding terrain of the Ozarks and the wave of summer heat that rolled through the area over the weekend.

Summer Heatwave Bakes Riders

Many participants, each with their own unique journey, hit the road early to beat the heat, but nobody was spared from the sweltering summer heatwave. About one-third of the riders signed up for the full century route, with many deciding to cut their route early due to the heat. Once back at the start, these resilient riders spent the day hanging out at Mother’s Brewery for lunch and drinks, a well-deserved reward for their hard work and determination.

Rider Participation Increases by 25%

This year’s event was particularly noteworthy as it saw the highest participation for the ride, with rider numbers increasing by 25% compared to the 2023 event. Five different states were represented among the participants this year! Such growth underscores the event’s rising popularity and the expanding cycling community’s enthusiasm.

Thank You To Those That Support The Event

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our sponsors and partners who made this event possible, including A & B Cycles, the City of Springfield, Mother’s Brewery, the City of Willard, Willard Parks Department, Robberson Prairie Church, Phoenix Quarry, and the Hilton Garden Inn Springfield. Their invaluable support, combined with our community’s unwavering enthusiasm and participation, was crucial in organizing and executing the event smoothly.

Special recognition is due to our dedicated volunteers, including those at the SAG Stops, registration desks, and SAG drivers. These individuals sacrificed their time, waking up early and working long hours to ensure the safety and support of all riders. Their commitment facilitated a smoothly run event and significantly contributed to our fundraising efforts for bicycling and pedestrian advocacy across Missouri.

The Queen City Century has become a beacon of community spirit and athletic endurance. Riders tested their limits on challenging courses, fostering camaraderie and a shared love for cycling. The event has become a celebration of the vibrant cycling culture in Springfield, drawing participants from all over to experience the unique charm and hospitality of the region.

Moreover, the post-ride gathering at Mother’s Brewery provided a perfect opportunity for participants to relax, share their experiences, and forge new friendships. The brewery’s welcoming atmosphere, delicious food, and refreshing drinks made for an ideal setting to unwind after a grueling ride.

The Future’s So Bright…

Looking ahead, the future of the Queen City Century is bright. With increasing participation and growing support from the community, sponsors, and volunteers, the event is set to continue its upward trajectory. Exciting plans are already in motion to expand the event to further enhance the experience for all involved.

We are motivated by the community’s growing engagement and the opportunity to continue promoting cycling as a vital part of our transportation and recreation framework. Thank you again to everyone involved for helping make the 2024 Queen City Century a remarkable success.

As we reflect on this year’s achievements, we eagerly anticipate the next edition, confident that it will

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