Queen City 2022 Flat Century

The main century route option for QCC 2022 features about 4200 feet of climbing – Springfield is in the Ozarks, after all! For those who would like to get in the miles but aren’t quite ready for so many hills this early in the season, we offer a flatter century option with significantly fewer hills. Riders can also turn around at any point to get varied ride lengths in.

Note that Springfield is still in the Ozarks.  There will still be hills.  However, you save between 1200 and 1700 feet of climbing over 100 miles, compared with the main QCC Century loop.

On the QCC route page you will see the Flat Century option. In order to save on hills and while using QCC Rest Stops, each of those routes involved riding multiple laps on the (relatively few!) flat sections of the route in order to reach 100 miles. 

Scenic and historic features

Both routes are loaded with scenic and historic places and features.  Check the route maps for many points of interest along the way.  And don’t forget to read up on the history of the Frisco Highline Railroad and the Leaky Roof Railroad, which you’ll be seeing along the way.

SAG Stops and support

The route features four rest stops where you can rest, relax, and enjoy snacks, drinks, and restrooms. It also includes two water stops, with water and limited snacks available.

The routes make double-use of most SAG stops, so that we have SAG stops every 8-16 miles along the entire course.

Note that most stops are fully stocked SAGs with volunteers, plenty of food, water, Gatorade powder, and restrooms. A few stops–marked on your maps a “Water Stops”–are more basic with water, a few snacks on hand, and no restrooms available. Check your map for details.

We will have roving SAG drivers on the course at all times. If you have mechanical trouble or need a pick-up for any reason, just call.

Whether you enjoy a short flat, ride or long road ride on beautiful country roads, Queen City Century has it for you!

Many thanks to local riders who have spent many hours evaluating potential QCC routes and giving feedback and suggestions.

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    1. Dave,

      The “flat century” option is a combination of paved and gravel (the “gravel” soft surface trail on the Frisco Highline Trail – similar to the Katy Trail).

      The regular century, and other “non-flat” ride options from 10-100 miles, are all on paved roads and a paved section of the Frisco Highline Trail.

      Hope that helps!

  1. Due to severe arthritis in my hips can I check in at starting point in Spring field and than haul bike out to Willard and ride The Frisco Highline as much as possible? Have tried training on road but am limited by climbing hills. PT and biking are part of my pre replacement that has helped. But 90% of riding has been riding the rail trails which has significantly helped, road training usually requires taking a day off the saddle to recover.

    1. Brad,

      If you check the route page, you’ll see we have had to remove the trail options from the routes this year, as we’re not approved to use the Frisco Highline Trail. So it is not part of any of the official routes.

      You are welcome to drive to Willard and start the ride there. The Rest Stop will be at the Jackson Street Park in Willard, so you could park there and start there. And you can come back to the park whenever you need a rest stop, snacks, water, etc. The Park is just a couple of blocks from the trailhead.

      STarting from the park, you can ride wherever you like, of course, and if you need SAG support or have a mechanical problem and need a ride back to the park, etc, we are always happy to come and get you wherever you are. (We once found one of our riders all the way out in Marshfield. He was very, very lost . . . )

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