Navigate the route with the RideWithGPS app (FREE)

You can use the RideWithGPS mobile app to navigate the Queen City Century routes. Using the app gives you visual and/or voice navigation – so you won’t get lost.

Using the app to navigate the routes is FREE – with MoBikeFed’s RideWithGPS Tourism Account, the QCC routes, and every one of the HUNDREDS of MoBikeFed RideWithGPS routes, is free to download and navigate for MoBikeFed members.

To get and navigate the routes on your RideWithGPS app:

– Download & install the RideWithGPS app from the Android Play Store or iPhone/Apple App Store

– Start the RideWith GPS app and sign up for a FREE account (no need to sign up for a pay account to use the MoBikeFed routes)

Visit the RWGPS event page here

– Click the “RSVP” link to sign up for the event on RideWithGPS

– Now you can find the event in the RideWithGPS app under “More” and “My Events”

– In the RideWithGPS app, tap the route you are planning to ride and “Save” (this saves the route to your phone so you can ride even if you have no data connection)

– When you navigate the route, you will hear voice navigation directions at turns, upcoming Rest Stops, etc (note this may require some setup in your app – in Settings make sure all audio & spoken alerts, chimes, etc are enabled – and make sure your phone’s VOLUME is set high enough to hear them)

– SUGGESTION: Once you start the ride, turn you phone to “Airplane Mode”. This saves battery and should allow most phones to ride all day with navigation, without running down the battery.

– SUGGESTION: Bring a battery backup/charger just in case.

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