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Queen City Century Route Options

The Queen City Course is an amazing, beautiful route on the low-traffic roads through the countryside north of Springfield.

You will enjoy your visit to Strafford, Fair Grove, Ebenezer, and Pleasant View in beautiful Greene County.

A highlight of the Century Route is crossing of McDaniel Lake–a view of the lake you can’t get by car!

Highlights of the route:

  • Beautiful, scenic, low-traffic routes on the paved roads of Greene County
  • Out-back routes so you can choose your distance on the ride–cut it short if you’re not feeling it on ride day, or go a little longer if you are
  • Improved Rest Stops for 2021
  • No mass starts in 2021 for Covid safety

Early Packet Pickup
Friday June 18th – Time & place TBA

Registration opens

Saturday, June 19th, 6:00am

Route – Start Time

* No mass start – start any time within the time period given
* Plan your start time so as to arrive at Devil’s Gates and lunch as needed – see below

63, 85, 100 Miles: 6:00am-9:00am
34, 49.5 Mile: 7:00am-9:00am
10, 16 Mile: 8:00am-10:00am
21 Mile No-Drop Guided Tour of Springfield: 9:30am

Lunch: 11:00am-4:30pm

See important notes about start times and course closing times on the Venue & Course Page

Note: Start times given are for the mass start of each group. Riders are welcome to start with an earlier group, if desired to work around heat or weather.

However, riders who leave early for short routes may have a wait at the finish line before lunch is served (11:00am).

Devil’s Gates

Riders wishing to proceed onto longer routes must depart these SAG Stops by the given time on the outward-bound rides:

Fair Grove: 10:00am (Century & 85-mile routes)
Ebenezer: 11:00am (Century route)

Viewable, Downloadable, & Printable Routes, Maps, and Cue Sheets

We strongly recommend downloading your route in electronic format, and uploading to your favorite device before the ride.

Or, you can download and print maps and cue sheets. Even simply saving the PDF map & cue sheet to your smart phone is a great backup plan.

On ride day, we will have a very limited supply of printed maps available.

Most important, the course will be well marked on the road (fluorescent orange “Q” with arrows).

Get routes as RideWithGPS, as Electronic Files, or as printable PDF maps and cue sheets below.

RideWithGPS & Other Electronic Route Downloads

Printable PDF Cue Sheets & Maps

Out & Back Routes: Printable PDF Cue Sheets

You will want the cue sheet AND the corresponding map for your route.

Out & Back Routes: Printable PDF Maps
21-mile No-Drop Guided Tour of Springfield’s Trail System: Printable PDF Map & Cue Sheet

About the routes & Rest Stops

The Queen City Century features a number of route options, from a 22-mile guided tour of Springfield’s nationally recognized trail and bicycle route system, to sixteen of Springfield’s flattest road miles, and 100 miles of the most scenic road routes in the Springfield area, with visits to Strafford, Fair Grove, Ebenezer, and beautiful Lake McDaniel.

Or try the Flat Century!

You’ll be well supported, with SAG Stops every 8-16 miles and roving SAG ready to help if you run into trouble.

Whatever your level of interest or fitness, you’ll find a route you’ll enjoy! Read on for more details . . .

Farm Road 223 north of Strafford

Route Highlights

Less traffic, fewer hills . . .

In developing our QCC routes, we listened to our riders and what they wanted.
The out-and-back metric Metric Century, 89-mile, and Century Routes are on lower-traffic roads with just a few less hills than the routes we used in some earlier years.

The out-and-back century, for example, has 3,800 feet of climbing–compared with 4475 in 2016. That’s about 15% less climbing.

The 37-mile route is about as flat a route as the Springfield area offers–and the 50-mile route is pretty flat, too, with just a couple of moderate hills between the 37-mile turnaround point and the 54-mile turnaround point.

More discussion of the hills and relative difficulty and ease of the various routes here.

That’s what most cyclists consider pretty easy, rolling hills

Flat Century Options

Want to ride one of the flattest possible Centuries in the area? Just ride the 54-mile route twice.

Want an even flatter century? Just ride the 37-mile route three times

These Flat Century options are an excellent choice for anyone working on their first Century–or if you are working to build your fitness level to be able to handle century rides with many thousands of feet of climbing and steep hills.

Both the Flat Century (2X54) and Even Flatter Century (3X37) rides will be fully supported all day long–because SAG Stops on the first section of the ride remain open until the last Century riders return late in the day. And you save more than 200 feet of climbing with the Flat Century, and even more than that with the Even Flatter Century. And more important, you avoid some of the longer and steeper climbs of the regular 100-mile route.

The 2X54 Flat Century has two pretty good (moderate) climbs on each 25-mile segment. The 3X37 Even Flatter Century is most rolling terrain without any seriously steep climbs. The regular century has a number of more difficult climbs.

More discussion of the Flat Century vs. Regular Century options here.

Rolling hills on Farm Road 145

Scenic and historic features

You’ll see some of the Springfield area’s most scenic and beautiful roads.

The route meets two of Missouri’s national bicycle routes–routes that MoBikeFed and its local and national partners work hard to maintain and improve.

We cross Bicycle Route 66 twice–once near the start as we following historic Route 66 for several blocks through the downtown area, and again when we meet the route in Strafford.

We ride on a piece of the historic TransAmerica Trail–the cross-country bicycle route that launched the Adventure Cycling Association and began the work to create a national bicycle touring route system in the U.S. in 1976. The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail is now officially designated in Missouri as U.S. Bicycle Route 76. We ride our section of USBR 76 on Old Mill Road in Fair Grove.

SAG Stops and support

The route features four rest stops where you can rest, relax, and enjoy snacks, drinks, and restrooms. It also includes two water stops, with water and limited snacks available.

The routes make double-use of most SAG stops, so that we have SAG stops every 8-16 miles along the entire course.

Note that most stops are fully stocked SAGs with volunteers, plenty of food, water, Gatorade powder, and restrooms. A few stops–marked on your maps a “Water Stops”–are more basic with water, a few snacks on hand, and no restrooms available. Check your map for details.

We will have roving SAG drivers on the course at all times. If you have mechanical trouble or need a pick-up for any reason, just call.

Whether you enjoy a short flat, ride or long road ride on beautiful country roads, Queen City Century has it for you!

Many thanks to local riders who have spent many hours evaluating potential QCC routes and giving feedback and suggestions.

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