Photos from 2017 Queen City Century

We have posted the photos from the 2017 Queen City Century on our FlickR page here.

Note that you can download any photo on FlickR–just click the photo, then look for the little “down arrow” near the lower right corner of the screen.

Just a few of the photos below:

22 mile Guided Tour – cattle on the trail!

50 mile Rest Stop

Last Rest Stop on the 100 mile route

Ready for the Guided Tour

Near the halfway point of the 100 mile route

Near the halfway point of the 100 mile route

50 mile Rest Stop at ChriShan Park Arabians

42/58 mile Rest Stop at the Ebenezer Fire District Station #1

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On the 22-mile Guided Tour

Trail to Rutledge-Wilson Farm, on the 22-mile Guided Tour

ChriShan Park SAG Stop

ChriShan Park

“The Link” on the 22-mile Guided Tour

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