King/Queen of the Mountain Competition


NOTE: Segments listed below are for the 2017 ride. Some slight route adjustments for the 2018 ride are forthcoming, which may require adjustments to the segments outlined below.

There are 5 climbs along the 84 & 100 mile routes that are mapped as segments in Strava. Riders may choose to participate in the competition by climbing each climb as fast as they can. The best placed male and female riders after all 5 climbs will be crowned the Queen City Century King and Queen of the Mountains.

Additionally, there are two climbs available on the 32-62 mile routes, and separate Q/KOM prizes will be awarded for the top winners there.

The climb segments for each division can be found at the following links:
(You might need to sign-up for a free account to view)

Full Q/KOM: Climb 1 : Climb 2 : Climb 3Climb 4 : Climb 5

Double Hump Q/KOM: Climb 1 : Climb 2


The top 3 male and top 3 female riders in the King/Queen of the Mountain competition will receive the following prizes in each division.

82-100 mile Full Q/KOM:

1st place:  $50 cash, MoBikeFed 20th Anniversary Jersey (full size jersey by Missouri jersey designer DWGear),  Free ride registration for QCC 2018
2nd place:  $20 cash, Free ride registration for QCC 2018
3rd place: Free ride registration for QCC 2018

32-62 mile Double Hump Q/KOM:

1st place: $20 cash, Free ride registration for QCC 2018
2nd place: $10 cash, Free ride registration for QCC 2018
3rd place: Free ride registration for QCC 2018


Riders will compete for the lowest possible score, similar to golf. Your segment placing on each climb is your score (1st would be 1 point, 2nd would be 2 points, etc). The male and female rider with the lowest score based on the 5 climbs (Full Q/KOM) or 2 climbs (Double Hump Q/KOM) will determine the winner.

In awarding segment placing, only those riders participating in your division are counted. For example, if you are in the QOM5 division, first those riders who are women and completed all 5 QOM segments are identified. Then places are awarded based on those riders only. Then scores totaled based on the places awarded for that division.

If Strava times are identical, tied places are given in the usual manner.  For example, times of 2:05, 2:10, 2:10, 2:30 are awarded places 1, 2, 2, 4.

Ties will be broken by the riders’ segment completion time on the final climb. If there is still a tie, there will be a countback on the times of the previous climbs until a winner is determined. If still a tie, further segments along the route (selected at random by the judges) will be similarly scored by time until the tie is broken. If still a tie (which is possible for riders who ride together in a group, given that Strava times segments only to the nearest second), the tie will be broken via coin toss or other random procedure, or (at the discretion of the Ride Director) a tie will be declared and prize winnings of the two places split evenly.

Winners will be posted and announced via email and on this page the week after the ride. After posting, there will be an announced protest period of at least 24 hours for riders to protest any results they feel are incorrect. After the stated protest period, no results will be adjusted and rankings will be final.


  • You must use Strava to participate in the competition.
  • Your times must be completed on the day of the Queen City Century event.
  • You must complete the full 84 or 100 mile routes (Full Q/KOM) or full 32, 50, or 62 mile routes (Double Hump Q/KOM).
  • In particular you must ride at least 84 miles to be eligible for Full Q/KOM and 32 miles to be eligible for Double Hump Q/KOM.
  • Riders who complete the Full Q/KOM will be ineligible for the Double Hump Q/KOM.
  • You must complete all segments in your division (5 for Full or 2 for Double  Hump) to be eligible for the prizes.
  • You must obey all traffic laws and compete safely.
  • Make sure there is no traffic you will interfere with on your attempt.
  • Respect all other riders on the climbs.
  • You are solely responsible for uploading your data by the designated cut-off time.
  • We are not responsible for errors in the Strava program, upload process, timing, etc.
  • We can only include climb times that are successfully uploaded and registered on Strava.
  • Q/KOM start and finish will be marked.
  • The start/finish of each KOM is approximated as closely as possible based on aerial maps.  It is advisable, however, to assume that the marked location is approximate.
  • Segment timing as recorded on Strava is the final arbiter of segment start, end, and timing.
  • Rules, prizes, and scoring can be changed at the discretion of the Ride Director at anytime without notification.
  • We will try to make any changes to rules or segments public.
  • Decisions of the QCC Ride Director are final in all competition matters.


QCC 2017 Q/KOM Winners

Provisional Winners announced 6/23. Any protests to the results must be received by midnight on Sunday, June 25th, 2017. Winners are not final until that time (or perhaps until some time after that if it takes some time to check on protests). Note that winners must have officially registered as ride participants. Email questions or protests to both &

Full QOM (5 segments; 82 & 100 mi):

  • 1st Place: Kinga Kimbrel (7 points)
  • 2nd Place: Robyn Robinson (8 points)

Full KOM (5 segments; 82 & 100 mile routes):

  • 1st Place: Ken Starnes (9 points)
  • 2nd Place: Andrew Chamberlin (10 points)
  • 3rd Place: Jim Phillips (15 points)

Double-Hump QOM (2 segments; 32, 50, & 62 mile routes):

  • 1st Place: Tassilyn Fry (5 points)
  • 2nd Place: Karen Ward (6 points)
  • 3rd Place: Cynthia Lipscomb (7 points)

Double-Hump KOM (2 segments 32, 50, & 62 mile routes):

  • 1st Place (tie): Scott Olson (4 points)
  • 1st Place (tie): Kent Harlan (4 points)
  • 3rd Place: Gregory Stiver (4 points)

Olson and Harlan completed every Strava segment on their respective rides in the same exact time down to the second.  So a tie is declared for 1st place in the Double-Hump KOM. Olson and Harlan will split 1st and 2nd place winnings.

Stiver received the same point total as Olson and Harlan, but Olson and Harlan completed the MT189 segment one second faster than Stiver, which is the tie-breaker.